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1. Where can I find maxi taxi fare estimator?

There are few places to get a fare estimate but none of them will be 100% accurate. Taxi Services Commission has a website which tells you how much a trip should cost at any time of the day. If you want to check TSC taxi fare estimator, head to http://taxi.vic.gov.au/passengers/taxi-passengers/taxi-fares/taxi-fare-estimator or you can check the Fare Estimator page of our website.
But the best option would be to ring us on 1800-4386-294 and we can give you the exact price for your travel.

2. Do you provide Melbourne airport shuttle door to door?

Yes, we provide Melbourne Airport Shuttle door to door service, which in fact is the best option for airport transfers.
Door to door service means we will pick you up from your address and drive you to the airport right in front of your terminal.

3. Do you have travel time calculator?

Currently we don’t have a travel time calculator, as it wouldn’t be 100% accurate. You can use Google Maps to gauge the amount of time you need to get from Point A to B, but the best option is to allow plenty of travel time for any unexpected hiccups along the way.


4. How many passengers can a maxi taxi accommodate?

This is the question almost everyone who is new to Melbourne wants to know. All the maxi taxis in Melbourne have 10 seats and a wheelchair ramp, however, there are some maxi taxis that have 11 seats as well. These 11 seater maxi taxis cost a little extra because of high demand.

5. What is the difference between maxi taxi and normal taxi?

Maxi Taxi is a 10 seater van whereas a normal taxi is a 4 seater sedan taxi. Maxi Taxi can comfortably accommodate 8 people with their luggage.

If you have doubt about the quantity of luggage, we recommend you to book a maxi taxi or airport shuttle as you have peace of mind that it will be accommodated in a maxi taxi van.


6. Why book maxi taxi online?

People always ask us why book online when every airport in the world has cabs anyway. The main benefit of booking in advance is that whenever there is a peak time or peak demand, you will be asked to stand in queue and it can take more than 30 minutes in the queue. However if you book with us, we will take your flight number and we will track your flight. Even if your flight is delayed, we will know and have the driver ready for you. With us the maximum wait time is 5 minutes and you get a guarantee that someone is waiting for you at the airport.


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